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Perkin Elmer Lambda XLS/XLS+

spectro service Perkin Elmer Lambda XLS/XLS+ The Lambda XLS is a UV/Vis Spectrophotometer that provides the user with reliability and consistency. The Lambda XLS is specially designed with a split beam operation that ensures high stability and run-to-run reproducibility.

Perkin Elmer Lambda Bio/Bio+

spectro service Perkin Elmer Lambda Lambda Bio/Bio+ The Lambda Bio is designed to provide the user with a high quality UV/Vis Spectrophotometer for all routine life-science calculations. The Lambda Bio has a series of pre-programmed methods to support the demands of both molecular and biotech laboratories.

Perkin Elmer Clarus 400

spectro service Perkin Elmer Perkin Elmer Clarus 400 The Clarus 400 Gas Chromatograph (GC) provides the proven dependable performance and analytical capabilities of the Clarus GC family. It is available with manual pneumatic control, single-channel or dual-channel configurations and optional integral liquid autosampler.


Spectro service GBC HPLC GBC manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of quality HPLC products from turn-key systems to stand-alone modules including autosamplers, pumps, detectors and accessories.

Midac FTIR

Spectro service Midac FTIR M Series spectrometers provide a full range of resolution, from 2cm-1 for routine analysis up to 0.5cm-1 for high resolution work such as gas and multicomponent analysis. The generous sample compartment accepts most sampling accessories.


Spectro service Camspec The Camspec range of spectrophotometers now extends from low-cost visible instruments through the single beam UV/Visible range to double beam scanning. They can be operated as stand-alone instruments or PC controlled.

Clarity Chromatography Software

Spectro service Clarity Chromatography Software Advanced Chromatography Data Station provides a universal solution for any commercially available chromatograph. Multi-instrument version with multi-detector measurement capabilities, data acquisition, evaluation and instrument control.

Spectro service Perkin Elmer Lambda

Perkin Elmer Lambda XLS/XLS+ UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

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Clarity Chromatography Data Collection Software

Spectro Service Paragon 1000 FTIR Spectrometer Fully Refurbished

Paragon 1000 FTIR Spectrometer Fully Refurbished

Spectro Service ATI Mattson Genesis FTIR Fully Refurbished

ATI Mattson Genesis FTIR Fully Refurbished

Detector Lamps
Spectro Service Detector Lamps We supply quality deuterium and tungsten lamps for most instruments.
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