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Our highly experienced and friendly staff, pride themselves in their commitment to customer satisfaction. Nothing is too much trouble and we will strive to ensure that your needs are met where possible.

Alan Slaughter

Service Engineer

Over 35 years of experience working on IR and UV spectrometers from various manufacturers. 

Ian Berridge

Service Engineer

Over for 20 years of experience. 14 years spent as the IR, UV, Fluorescence and Polarimetry Specialist

Kevin Parker

Service Engineer

11 years of experience working on FTIR, UV and Fluorescence Spectrometers.

John Sweeting

Service Consultant

Over 45 years of experience and the founder of the company, John provides valuable knowledge and support working on IR and UV spectrometers from various manufacturers.

Yvonne Pucci

Service Coordinator

Extensive experience of arranging engineers scheduling and liaising with customers. Handles all service and sales related orders.

Debbie Lanning


Handling day to day accounting.

Tony Brewer


Purchased Spectro Services in May 2017. Extensive experience in service.

Catherine Brewer


Finance director